Cloud Platform


Remote control and Multi site monitoring for Facility managers

  • As a owner, you can be relaxed in knowing that you can control and monitoring your place whenever you want, wherever you are.
  • Key account/technical managers have the convenience of single, centralized controller for controlling and monitoring all their spaces.
  • Compare different sites to find heavy energy users and optimize their operation
  •  Installers/facility manager can check any errors remotely without having to worry about going to the places.

User friendly, Smart control

  • The intuitive touch screen makes the system very user friendly
  • Two Setpoint auto changeover
  • Two Setpoint Setback
  •  Occupied / Unoccupied Setpoint Control
  • Adaptive AHU kit control(Discharge temp, Humidty/damper control)

Mobile Connectivity

  • Smart Tablet Controller becomes a web-based control solution that enables end users the control and monitor of DVM / CAC / FJM & RAC units from fixed or mobile platforms e.g. smart phones, tablets and PCs and from everywhere.