Installation of MEMPIS Solution at ‘Nature Kitchen(Pyeongchon)’ on August 26, 2015

In case of most food Retail, unnecessary consume powers are occurred because there are no specialized energy manager. This unnecessary consume powers are caused from VRF, Lighting, etc. and if these unnecessary powers are accumulated, they will bring result of increase for operating expenses. ELECTROLLS’s MEMPIS Solution for resolving this matters makes possible to efficient energy managements by VRF, Lighting, real-time cumulated power, etc’s integrated handling as specialized energy manager.

Constitution of Solutions

Integrated control of VRF


ELECTROLLS’s MEMPIS Solution makes efficient integrated control for cooling, heating of VRF. Also, Retail manager can confirm the state of VRF through tablet PC in real time. As controlling indoor temperature and humidity by tablet PC, manager can control more efficiently and easily by just touching.

Real time confirmation of accumulated power and Measure


ELECTROLLS’s MEMPIS Solution can do not only state confirmation, control of VRF & Lighting but also monitoring of real-time accumulated power occurred from VRF & Lighting. Based on monitoring information, manager can recognize where unnecessary power is generated and manage its power according to collected information. Through these processes, it is efficient energy management so that it will bring a result of decrease effect for operating expenses.