Genesis BBQ implements Energy Management System (EMS)  for the franchisees.
Genesis BBQ, one of the country’s biggest chicken franchise company, will be receiving Energy Management System (EMS) for the franchisees from Cyclogic Inc. It is expected to spread the introduction of EMS and efficient use of energy.

Cyclogic developing EMS for the franchisees is planning to operate EMS which is constructed as the optimal system for various franchise stores, and to extend its business ranges. Genesis BBQ says it starts to set exhibition installation up at Chicken University.

EMS for the franchisees of Genesis BBQ is designed based on a gateway called ‘Smart Server’ for small and medium-sized buildings such as various stores, offices, schools, etc. It is offered to maintain good air quality as well as to control VRF and lighting in the franchise stores.

Genesis BBQ expects that it helps to become more eco-friendly image through saving energy consumption and improving indoor environment with Smart Server.

Smart Sever makes to connect with VRF, Lighting, and electric power and to manage/integrate equipment with a function of energy consumption saving. It offers people can easily control and monitor the system by mobile or computer on the internet in real time. It is also very convenient and affordable for the small and medium-sized buildings(like franchisees) to run businesses efficiently with a way to avoid the section of expensive electric bills through the analysis for regressive tax or peak usage of the electricity.

Cyclogic is registered as a solution agency of Samsung Electronics recently, and supplies Genesis BBQ, Café Store in café, and various companies with this system. Cyclogic is planning to expand several types of system in cooperation with difference franchisees such as kindergartens, studios, hospitals, schools, etc.

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